Monday, September 17, 2007

7.3 - Two steps forward, three steps back...


So today, I'm home sick from work and decided to spend some time on Cafepress. I was updating my shop and I.....


Oh man. Sick to my stomach. You have no idea......

On the upside, I did upload two new designs.

The first is a design that Zaak flat out gave to me. So Zaak, when I make a million off it, I'll take you out for tacos, or something.

Brilliant, huh?

The second is a design of my own, directly inspired by Zaak's.

Whaddaya think?


Zaak said...

I look forward to the tacos. I'm tempted to get me one of those snazzy home despot pins.

I fully expect Civiliezation to go public and sink in a swirling mire of allegations of insider trading, arms dealing and Republican kickbacks in about 6 1/2 years - at which point, I will be chatting with Larry King denying that I ever gave you a logo and this very comment will be dredged up with Google archives as proof of my involvement to place me on a no fly list and to send me to Guantanamo. I'll probably be labelled a Syrian too. And gay. And a Dixie Chicks fan.

Wal✭Muerte is brilliant. I need to live in a place where people will understand what these things mean.

Zaak said...

Adam. Did you delete your store again? Again? What's the deal? In a moment of weakness I decide that I will go to your store and buy hundreds of dollars worth of bumperstickers and pins and all there is is t-shirts.

Bob said...

Awesome, that sucks that you deleted your store.