Friday, September 21, 2007

7.4 - The Man 1, Adam 0

Sad news, especially for Zaak.

So on Monday, my CafePress store burned to the ground (i.e., I deleted the entire thing by mistake). That tragedy was offset by the fact that I uploaded some sweet new designs (see below).

Tuesday, a.k.a. the VERY NEXT FREAKING DAY, I received an e-mail from CafePress admin informing me that a bunch of my content had been removed because it violated their Content Usage Policy. Which they call a CUP.

If Monday was a fire, Tuesday felt like arson.

So apparently I violated their CUP multiple times. I re-reviewed their CUP, and think they were interpreting their own satire and parody rules a bit harshly, but anyway. It's their CUP, so....

Basically Zaak and I are being shipped off to Guantanamo for trying one up the Home Depot.

I'll admit I'm a little bummed. But I will rise again, like an anarchist phoenix, rising from the arsons ashes!

(BTW: the other logos they deleted said "Banana Republican" and "Abercrombian Bitch".)


Zaak said...

I hope we get cells near eachother so we can get to know eachother a bit. Will we get to send cigars home to support our families?

Cafepress better wear a cup, cuz I'm gonna kick 'em in the 'nads. Rise up phoenix!

Kat said...

Wow, that totally sucks! You should start printing up your own t-shirts with those logos, open your own site. You'd make a fortune! (I'm hereby putting in an order for a "Banana Republican" t-shirt right now!)

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Kat said...

Adam, you have disappeared. Where have you gone???

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